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Luca is a digital marketing master, specialising in utilising content for paid campaigns and funnels. He’s worked on various campaigns in a range of industries spending more than $100,000 across different advertising platforms.


Kristina specialises in pushing out eye-capturing content that matches your vision seamlessly. On top of this she is an extremely talented individual when it comes to the creative process that cutting through the noise requires. 


Paul specialises in creating videos for Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. Paul has been responsible for producing videos that have generated up to 8x return on ad spend for our clients.


Saad is a logical thinker, specialising in website development, research, and media buying. Bringing his structured perspective into a team of creatives really helps us ensure we stay on the right track when developing and delivering our creatives. Life is all about yin and yang, and Saad brings the yin to Aesthetic Studio’s yang!



Dean is a design specialist, focusing on branding, graphics, and logo designs. He is a fantastic addition to our team, enabling us to handle larger projects that require intensive design work.


With over 10 years experience in the ecom space, Prati specialises in eCommerce product development, bringing an edge to our team when it comes to product photography and product advertisements.

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